Hicon Building is a commercial building specialist, our team has extensive experience in the building industry in the public domain of aviation, hotels, retail, commercial fit-out and entertainment facilities, our positive and professional nature will ensure your needs are met from the first meeting to well after the execution of your project.

Our construction management skills ensure your project is delivered risk free and to our high standard, we have grown organically since establishment and have gained a reputation for working with an esteemed client base. We value the principle objectives of being both on-time and on budget to ensure your business operational requirements are met.

“Hicon Building was established to provide a superior level of service for the commercial building and construction market. We are specialists in all aspects of commercial construction along with leading edge Project and Facility Management”


At Hicon Building all of our people have a proven track record of achieving quality results and value the importance of establishing strong relationships. What distinguishes Hicon Building is that our people actively communicate with all parties throughout the entire process and demonstrate a true ‘can do’ attitude, regardless of their role. Our site teams comprise of highly qualified builders, Hand picked for their attention to detail and personable natures. site teams are managed by our construction manager who ensures that our project teams work effectively to achieve the desired program, quality and budget outcomes.

Our facility management team offers programmed and reactive maintenance services to ensure your facility operates seamlessly post project completion. Hicon Building would be honored to offer our building services and experience on any upcoming projects Australia wide.


We specialise in commercial construction and interior fitout projects, particularly in occupied environments. We bring a flexible approach to our site operations and are sympathetic to your critical business requirements, and ensure your project is delivered risk free and to our high standard. We evaluate each and every job to ascertain the most effective and efficient way of building to the best outcome for the project. We work with a highly skilled team who are forward thinking, energetic and innovative.


Quality: Our quality of work is a reflection of our business. All employees, from tender to construction are dedicated to strictly adhering to our quality control procedures, set out in our quality manual to ensure a superior level of service deliverability to minimise risk and build our reputation. Dedicated site managers ensure all site staff and contractors adhere to our quality management system and take great pleasure in producing work of an exceptionally high and superior quality for our clients.

Commitment: Through innovation and inspiration, hicon building aims to continually improve the efficiency of project development from concept to completion to deliver a service, which far exceeds our client’s expectations.

Health And Safety: Safety is not just another box to be ticked. Before any work commences, our committed team ensure the work environment meets and maintains the highest level of safety, minimising injuries and project downtime. Fully compliant with some of the strictest regulations our health and safety policy is another way we are helping our clients manage risk while delivering exceptional project results.

As the demand for innovative solutions and partnerships continues to grow, our unique capabilities and passion to deliver are proving Hicon Building as a key collaborator for projects of any scale. When planning your next project, you can rely on Hicon Building to deliver innovative solutions, on time, on budget and above all expectations.

Lasting Relationships

Hicon Building has established many long lasting relationships and repeat business over our journey. We are not a company that is there to make your life difficult with paper work and contractually a nightmare. We are here to work together and want to make this the start of a relationship and an enjoyable experience.

Speed and Size

Although we are a small builder in comparison to our competitors our ability to expand can be seen through our track record, and we like it this way as it keeps our team involved and close to the clients and their needs. The speed and direction of our projects can be increased by our qualified site team and through our preferred contractor database. Even when things are out of our control such as delays from manufacturers, our team will ensure we have the issue resolved and the project will hand over on time.

Streamlined Contractor

Hicon Building operates as a licensed building contractor working with a skilled in house team of tradesman to complete work on your commercial facility. Our services start from initial meeting to well after the construction phase, where we can take control of the whole process taking full responsibility of your needs.


We are well known for our competitive edge and due to lower overheads we can compete to make this project financially viable for you. Engaging us at an early stage will allow us to give our advice and knowledge which in turn could be a cost saving and also allow our planning to continue running your business whilst the work continues. Our clients may choose from a variety of service and delivery methods but not limited to:
*Cost Plus construction
*Fixed Lump sum construction
*Fee Based project management
*Project Delivery
*Facilities management on agreed rate.

W&HS and Environment

Due to the nature of our projects which are often in critically sensitive environments, Safety to the general public is our biggest responsibility. WH&S and site tidiness is driven through our team of all personnel prior to stepping onto our sites.

Our Operations

Hicon Building operates Australia wide with many of our clients having commercial premises and airports in most states around Australia. We are there to assist our clients with their projects and have our Preferred contractors working on these projects that we have built up over the last 20 years. Our site teams work seamlessly in sensitive environments often working during curfew hours to ensure no disruptions to your business or daily operations.